STERILE Contactless Pedestrian Demand Unit

STERILE Contactless Pedestrian Demand Unit

The STERILE Demand Unit uses ‘K Band’ radar technology to recognise a ‘hand gesture’ in front of the standard push button (not underneath), and therefore requires no re education for the general public.

The STERILE contactless solution removes the need to physically touch the pedestrian push button, thus eliminating the risk of contamination from any surface borne viruses.

Installation – Mechanical
The STERILE module, is supplied as a hermetically sealed unit, with a 3M Very High Bond (VHB), 10-year lifespan adhesive film. The module simply needs to be applied to the rear face of the WAIT/Indicator legend plate.

The preparation required prior to application of the STERILE module varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, requiring little or no preparation, to the replacement of the WAIT/Indicator legend retention plate with a custom-made replacement plate, which forms part of the Kit Of Parts (KOP).

Installation – Electrical
The STERILE module is connected using the 4 wires attached to the unit:

  • 2 x RED 24V AC/DC (not polarity conscious)
  • 2 x YELLOW Connect in parallel to the existing P/B connections

Most units have a number of spare terminals, which can be used to connect the power to the unit (2 x Red), otherwise, a 2 way terminal block will require mounting in one of the spare positions available in all housings.

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