Recent Projects

STERILE ModuleDevelopment of the STERILE Contactless Pedestrian Demand Unit.

The STERILE Demand Unit uses ‘K Band’ radar technology to recognise a ‘hand gesture’ in front of the standard push button (not underneath), and therefore requires no re education for the general public.

The STERILE contactless solution removes the need to physically touch the pedestrian push button, thus eliminating the risk of contamination from any surface borne viruses. 

The STERILE solution is widely used in the Docklands area and around the country.


Supertram PPIDevelopment of the first UK LED LRT signal aspect primarily for use on the ‘Supertram’ system in Sheffield

The project proved to be a major success and is now deployed in Manchester and London with interest from Edinburgh, Ireland and Perth Australia.




East Riding Fault Management System (FMS)The latest release of the IMTRAC FMS has been successfully deployed across the network providing real-time engineering work information.

The system is to be configured for the Asset management module in order to provide for a paperless Network Asset Management tool to meet the requirement of the government’s latest mandates.


MOVAA network wide survey of the East Riding of Yorkshire for the implementation of the MOVA strategy

A business case is currently being prepared to equip over 30 traffic signal sites with the Siemens GSM Gemini2 outstation.

The project will then concentrate on the re validation of ten existing sites followed by a study into the suitability and implementation of MOVA at an additional five sites.


Conway RoadAfter a substantial period of post commissioning evaluation, the final configurations were ‘blown’ to EPROM at the Conway Road development scheme in Llandudno, North Wales.

A small network was modelled in the latest LinSIG software in order to alleviate queues and provide progression through the network. The network was validated and has dramatically reduced queues and provided for shorter journey times.