Product Design

Our dedicated team of engineers will integrate your unique ideas with the latest technology into a product fit for Your purpose. We guarantee to commit to projects that the mainstream companies are unable to.

Our engineering department currently provide not least;

  • Bespoke design – ‘Your Ideas in Action’
  • Continual development of LED Light Rail Transit signalling
  • Intelligent Dual Source LED ‘WAIT’ light source with lamp monitoring facility
  • Intelligent Dual Source LED Regulatory sign light source with lamp monitoring facility
  • Product Firmware Update Tool – Stay up to date with the latest developments
  • Radio Activated Digital Input Output (RADIO) Transceivers – System linking over the airwaves

Products currently under design:

  • Integrated Loop and Digital I/O Test Unit – Save valuable Engineering time and money with this device when used on Periodic Inspections and Fault attendances
  • Mobility Auto Demand Unit – Caring for the community
  • RFID Selective Vehicle Detection system – Simple but effective SVD

If you would like any further information regarding this service then please contact us.