Installation & Commissioning

Although it is often commonplace for customers to employ an all embracing Contract, it may still be necessary for bespoke areas of Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) Installation and Commissioning to be addressed. Specific areas include:

  • Controller modifications including additional I/O requirements, Phase drives, detection and audio modifications
  • Factory Acceptance Testing of Siemens configurations by computer emulation or ‘Live’ test rigs at your offices
  • Factory Acceptance Testing attendance for configurations by ‘others’ at offices chosen by you
  • Site Acceptance Testing and Commissioning of new and modified controller configurations anywhere in the UK
  • Variable and Enhanced Message Signs
  • Remote Monitoring Systems including outstations, commissioning; part or full system installations
  • MOVA units – Semi integral or fully wired
  • UTMC outstations including UG405
  • Junction linking utilising Radio Transceivers and Hard Wire Solutions

Niche Traffic Solutions will also perform and document Independent installation auditing and debugging on all of the above and more.

If you would like any further information regarding this service then please contact us.