This is our file repository which houses a variety of useful information such as forms, images and technical manuals for related products and services. Please feel free to browse through the files listed below and simply click an icon, or textual link, to begin downloading it.

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STERILE Contactless Pedestrian Demand Unit

The STERILE Contactless Pedestrian Demand Unit uses ‘K Band’ radar technology to recognise a ‘hand gesture in front of the standard pedestrian push button (not underneath), and therefore requires no re education for the general public. Click here to see the Case Study.

STERILE Contactless Pedestrian Demand Unit – Case Study

A case study of the preferred solution.

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The Ultra Low Power WAIT / Regulatory Sign light source. If you are serious about energy conservation and the planet then click here to find out how we can help reduce your bills and protect our environment.



This is the latest development in LED Light Rail Transit signalling for the Control of Tramcars. During mid 2000, this unit was the first of its kind to be developed for such a niche market. Since its debut, it is now widely used throughout the UK.

pdf-iconIntegrated Loop and Digital I/O Test Unit

A simple yet effective device that provides maintenance engineers with a simple tool that allows the Series and Insulation Resistance of inductive loops to be measured without the time consuming need for disconnecting any wiring. The unit will also provides an automated and manual checking facility of the controller I/O lines thus proving the integrity of the wiring looms.


Advanced Mobility Detection

Using state of the art technology to facilitate a seamless and contact free crossing.


RADIO – Radio Activated Digital Input Output transceiver

Unlicensed frequency providing seamless linking of intersections via simple PV bits or full UTC interface.